Abdul Abdullah, Olga Cironis, Eugenia Lim, Peter Drew, James Nguyen, Dean Cross, Justine Youssef, and Penny Ryan.

Collab Gallery, Pine Street Creative Art Centre, Sydney

June 7 – 17, 2017


Examining the complex histories and current dilemmas of migration, Moving Nations holds a mirror up to the environmental, social and cultural impacts of mass displacement with a particular focus on the racism it can reveal. Our attachments to physical places come to define who we are, so what is to become of us when we can no longer return to those places? Our idea of home is also essential to identity, but how we welcome others into it or make a new home is perhaps even more illuminating.

In this presentation, eight artists interrogate notions of otherness, xenophobia, discrimination and cultural identity, in the hope it might inspire greater compassion towards our peers, regardless of the place they call home.

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