Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Rushdi Anwar, Zanny Begg, Justin Dingwall, and Lindy Lee

Wellington St Projects, Sydney

March 14 – 25, 2018


Whether it be a distant pang of loss or a tremor of shame for past wrongdoings, ‘traces’ are like a scar on our collective subconscious, punctuating our personal and collective histories as markers of misfortune.

To bring these traces into the light is to reconcile with the past and to feel the visceral echoes of our potential into the future. Five artists respond to Anthony Bond’s curatorial essay, TRACE – A Historical Contextualisation of the Theme, to present rich visual narratives of violence and volatility, loss and misfortune and strategies for survival. Curated by James Nguyen and Grace Partridge, the exhibition is presented in conjunction with series of works commissioned by Antidote which respond to the overarching thematic exploration of The Trace.

Curatorial writing